Experience the full benefits and soothing aspects of a full body massage and spa without getting undressed or wet. Imagine tantalizing all your senses simultaneously in a futuristic and ergonomically designed Capsule giving you the ultimate feel good factor of a dry spa treatment.

Dry-hydro therapy massage is an effective, fast and convenient way to relax muscles quickly, encourage lymphatic drainage and energise your body. With adjustable water pressure, temperature, pulsating frequency and aromatherapy options, the Spa Capsule quickly relieves pain and tension in a short 10 to 15 minute session. A specially designed DVD soothes your mind through a virtual relaxation show as you experience a unique stimulation of your senses : touch, visual, audio and aroma.

Designed for total indulgence, the Spa Capsule creates an amazing massage experience without disrobing or getting wet. With no personal contact, messy oil residue or harsh chemicals, Spa Capsule is the only option for fast, effective, personalized and controlled massage.